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Rocky the Rocket needs Toledo’s help to win national mascot challenge

Ball State isn’t the only opponent Rocky the Rocket (link to picture) will be cheering against this weekend. In addition to the Rockets’ on-the-field schedule, UT mascot Rocky the Rocket also is competing each week in the Capital One Mascot Challenge for a $20,000 scholarship toward its mascot program.
Vote Rocky

Each week, Rocky is pitted against one of the top 15 other mascots in the nation. To win he counts on Rocket fans voting for him at . This year Rocky has already defeated The Duck of the University of Oregon, Big Jay of the University of Kansas and Cam the Ram of Colorado State University.

This week Rocky is battling Monte of the University of Montana and needs the help of Rocket fans everywhere to stay undefeated. Fans can vote as many times as they want and the voting page shows how you can use social media to get Rocky even more points.

In upcoming weeks, Rocky will face:

•  Week 5 (Sept. 30) – Rocky v. Smokey of University of Tennessee
•  Week 6 (Oct. 7) — Rocky v. Raider Red of Texas Tech University
•  Week 7 (Oct. 14) — Rocky v. Baldwin the Eagle of Boston College
•  Week 8 (Oct. 21) — Rocky v. Bucky Badger of University of Wisconsin
•  Week 9 (Oct. 28) – Rocky v. Sparty of Michigan State University
•  Week 10 (Nov. 3) — Rocky v. Big Red of Western Kentucky University
•  Week 11 (Nov. 10) — Rocky v. Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State University
•  Week 12 (Nov. 17) — Rocky v. Peedee the Pirate of East Carolina University

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