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UT law professor available to comment on affirmative action decision



The Supreme Court on Monday made an unexpected decision regarding affirmative action in college admissions policies that continues to allow race to be used as a factor, but puts more weight on the university to prove that race-based affirmative action is needed to achieve diversity goals, according to UT College of Law Professor Lee Strang.

“Many people thought this was a chance for the Supreme Court to say two thumbs up or two thumbs down to race-based admissions policies, but it didn’t do that. The court dodged the question,” Strang said. “There is some strong language not favorable to race-based affirmative action, but it doesn’t give it a thumbs down.”

The decision continues to allow colleges and universities to use race as a factor in admissions policies, but it held that public institutions need to show good reasons to use race-based means to achieve the educational diversity goal. It puts the emphasis on the institution to prove, through studies or other means, that non-race-based alternatives to achieving a critical mass will not work, Strang said.

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