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UT law professors available to speak on Supreme Court and Obamacare


Two UT law professors are available to speak from opposite sides of the Obamacare debate happening this week in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Professor Rebecca Zietlow believes the Court will and should uphold the law.

“I think the Court should and will uphold the 2010 Affordable Care Act because it always has deferred to congressional power to regulate the economy and it should continue to do so,” Zietlow said.

“This case is really about the type of policy issues that are best suited for the politically accountable legislature, and not the unaccountable federal courts. If the Court does strike down the Act, it will widely and correctly be viewed as a political decision.”


Meanwhile Professor Lee Strang believes the Court will find the individual mandate in the law unconstitutional.

“Today the Supreme Court hears oral argument on one of the most significant cases in a generation,” Strang said.

“At stake is whether the federal government will remain limited to its enumerated powers. The threatened loss of this foundational principle will, I believe, lead the Court to strike down the individual mandate.”

Contact Jon Strunk, 419.530.7832, to arrange interviews with the law professors.


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