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Economic forum brings international investors to Toledo

The University of Toledo is helping spur international development in northwest Ohio by partnering with 5 Lakes Global and the Regional Growth Partnership to bring a group of international business development leaders to Toledo. From Sept. 24 to 26, more than two hundred people will attend the 5 Lakes Global Economic Forum at the Park Inn hotel in downtown Toledo.

As part of the forum, The University of Toledo will be holding an education panel from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25 where schools and universities will have the opportunity to share information on what makes their educational institution a unique outlet for the employees and families of overseas executives and workers who elect to become members of our community.

“Northwest Ohio has so much to offer from an educational and research standpoint,’ said Lawrence J. Burns, UT vice president for external affairs. “This forum represents a tremendous opportunity to showcase this strength to a group of potential overseas partners.”

The panel will feature speakers addressing the following topics:

  • Pamela Boyers, executive director of the UT Center of Clinical Simulation, “Use of Technology in Education”
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey, president of Bowling Green State University, “Education and Economic Development”
  • Dr. Mike Bower, president of Owens Community College, “Role in workforce training and influence on economic development”
  • Mr. Yang Yulin, vice president of Yanshan University, “Working together to build the future”
  • Ms. Ma Yaewi, president of Shinyway Education, “Opportunity and Challenges – The education abroad market in China”

For more information contact Amelia Acuna at 419.530.5874 or

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