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UT College of Law caps tuition at $17,900 for Ohio and Michigan residents entering fall 2014

The University of Toledo College of Law guarantees that new full-time students who are residents of Ohio or Michigan entering in fall 2014 will pay no more than $17,900 per year in tuition for all three years of law school.

Each full-time, new student from Ohio or Michigan will receive a scholarship in an amount that assures he or she pays no more than $17,900 in tuition when they begin their studies academic year 2014-15. This scholarship will be renewed in an amount that assures the student also pays no more than $17,900 per year in tuition for academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17, even if tuition increases.

The initiative effectively constitutes a significant reduction of the law college’s 2013-14 tuition of $20,578, which already was the lowest in-state tuition in Ohio and Michigan.

“This scholarship initiative will increase access to legal education for well-qualified Ohio and Michigan residents who otherwise might not have considered law school in general or Toledo Law in particular,” Dean Daniel Steinbock said. “It makes the quality education we provide even more of a good value.”

For more details regarding this scholarship, see the Value Scholarship web page or contact the Law Admissions Office at 419.530.4131 or

The UT College of Law previously had guaranteed that Michigan residents entering as new students in fall 2014 would pay the same tuition as Ohio residents for all three years of law school.


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