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UT, UT Police Patrolman Association ratify new three-year contract

The University of Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association (UT-PPA) and The University of Toledo ratified last week a new three-year contract that will run through Dec. 31, 2015. The UT-PPA ratified the agreement May 12 by a 28-1 vote and UT’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved the deal at its May 13 meeting.

Included in the contract are:

•  Wage increase of 1.5 percent, 0.5 percent and 1.5 percent respectively over the duration of the contract;
•  No health care plan design changes and premium cost sharing equal to other staff bargaining units; and
•  Increased work rule flexibility to meet the various and changing needs of the University and police officers.

Chuck Lehnert, vice president for administration, said the agreement was the mostrecent example of the UT-PPA’s commitment to the UT community.

“The University of Toledo is incredibly fortunate to have these men and women providing protection, education and security to members of the UT community,” Lehnert said. “It was clear even while UT-PPA negotiated on behalf of its membership that it had students, faculty, staff and the public safety in mind.”

“This agreement is a public example of the special and collaborative relationshipbetween UT and the UT-PPA and I think it demonstrates that by working together we can overcome any challenge in a manner that is satisfactory to us both,” said Officer Bryon Hansel, president of UT-PPA. “UTTPA would like to thank The University of Toledo Board of Trustees for working with us in reaching an agreement during these trying economic times.”

“We have seen all too often in recent years the critical role campus police forces across the nation have played in responding to emergencies and keeping students and universities safe,” said Jeff Newton, UT police chief and director of public safety.

“Our campus community looks to and trusts these officers they interact with on a day-to-day basis and I think we were able to reach a successful outcome for the UT-PPA and the University because of the trust and respect cultivated over time away from the bargaining table.“

All 37 UT police officers are sworn state of Ohio peace officers commissioned by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

is UT's Director of University Communications. Contact her at 419.530.2410 or
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