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Activist/author to speak at Conference for Aspiring Minority Youth Jan. 26

Political activist, motivational speaker and author Kevin Powell will be the keynote speaker at The University of Toledo’s 29th Annual Conference for Aspiring Minority Youth Saturday, Jan. 26.

The free, public conference will take place from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Student Union Auditorium. This year’s theme is “The Bigger Picture: Understanding Your Role in the Global Community.”



Powell will address the general session, which will be followed by a breakout session for parents and educators titled “Parents’ Guide to Bully Prevention and Intervention” that will provide parents with insight on how to recognize if their child is being bullied or bullying others, provide strategies for dealing with bullying issues, discuss the rise of technological bullying, and share ways of monitoring and guiding their child’s online behavior.

A concurrent student session titled “The Bigger Picture: Understanding Your Role in the Global Community” will discuss opportunities to become involved with the arts in the local community, inspire exploration of creativity and imagination, and highlight the many artistic resources available in the area. A second student concurrent session titled “Excelling Into Law: Seeking Law as a Career” will be presented by Toledo’s Thurgood Marshall Law Association and explore the field as a career choice.

Powell is the author of 11 books, including his newest title, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and The Ghost of Dr. King: Blogs and Essays, a collection that examines American leadership, politics and social issues like gender violence, immigration and equality for all Americans. An autobiography, The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey Into Manhood, is expected to be out this spring. Additionally, Powell has written for numerous publications, including The Washington Post, Newsweek, Essence, Ebony, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Vibe.

As a leader, Powell has worked on a range of concerns, including voter registration, Hurricane Katrina relief, education, the environment, eradicating poverty, and supply and resource support for post-earthquake Haiti. He also is co-founder of a new national organization, BK Nation, which will focus on education, job creation and small business development, civic engagement, and health and wellness.

“My life-calling is to be a servant for the people, period,” Powell said. “Money, fame, status, personal achievements and all that means very little to me when pain and suffering are still real on this planet. I am interested in the powerless becoming powerful.”

“Recognized for his sociopolitical influence, Kevin has earned a reputation as a positive force among youth and young adults,” said David Young, director of the Office of Excellence and the Toledo Excel Program. “His commitment to fostering broad-based communication about issues related to politics, violence and socioeconomics will make him an outstanding speaker for this conference.”

The conference is sponsored by Toledo Excel and the UT Joint Committee.

For more information visit or call 419.530.3820.

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